Here’s my first stab at a Filler Friday. I know the 99% jokes are played out, but I have little shame.

I think that super villains get the shaft. Superheroes are always getting credit for persevering in the face of evil. Really though, the heroes almost always succeed, and when they lose it’s a gripping tale of heroism that is remembered for all time. That is, until their dead sidekick comes back to life.

Villains though, they lose. Over and over and over again; they get beaten, jailed, disrespected. Yet, they always break out or come back to life with another go at it. They blow a bunch of money hiring henchmen, constructing explosive hot air balloons, buying clown makeup and generally stimulating the economy. Then they get beat again and they come back a week later to try again. Now that is perseverance.

Tits or GTFO,